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Project Planning

For a new project we do local ordinance checks, work with landlords and their criteria, and with clients and their Architects or Designers to arrive at attractive, effective signage acceptable to all parties. We provide shop drawings and specifications as required for all approvals, and provide pricing proposals with all options required. We assist in planning coordination with other trades, such as electrical contractors and landscapers. We can perform field surveys nationwide as required.

Engineering & Design

We provide certified engineering of products and installation / mounting techniques. We maintain a full service art department. We also excel at working with Architects, Graphics Designers, Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects to take conceptual and creative work and add structural design and engineering, materials alternatives, manufacturing and finishing techniques, and installation systems to help take projects to practical conclusions. All of our design is done on CAD workstations, and is available on diskette, by e-mail, in addition to hard printing.


Our products are manufactured by a carefully selected skilled workforce to exacting standards of quality. All materials are the best available. An intensive Quality Control program insures that everything is 100% correct before it leaves the plants.


In addition to our own shops, we represent several specialty manufacturers of signage and graphics related products. All of these have been chosen based on their product design and quality, and on their performance. These include providers of various interior signage systems, including ADA Sign Systems, System 2000, Poblocki Sign Systems; electronic signage from Time-O-Matic, Daktronics, Spectrum, and ISE, castings from ARK Ramos and Metal Arts; menu systems from Mainstreet Menu Boards; and others as required. With these partners and our own capabilities, we can provide the full range of signage and graphics related products needed for any project.


We have our own local installers in both Dallas and Houston. Installation is handled nationwide, and even overseas, through a network of sign installation contractors with which we have worked for many years. All installers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured as required in their localities. Coordination is achieved by Dallas Project Management.

Project Management

Project Management is the most important function for multi-location clients and large projects. We use computerized record keeping, tracking, and follow-up systems to be sure that every step of the project is on time and done correctly, in the proper order. We handle permitting, landlord approvals, shipping and freight tracing, installation verification, and service and maintenance for the life of the signage product. Reporting can be done to clients both on paper and/or electronically by e-mail.